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November 2017


Abingdon Presbytery will meet Saturday, November 4, at the Richlands

Presbyterian Church in Richlands, VA. Morning worship is at 9 am, with the meeting

starting at 9:30 am. Please note this date on your calendar and make plans to be with us.

Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 am on Sunday, November 5. Before going to bed

Saturday night, don’t forget to set your clocks BACK ONE HOUR.

The Rev. Brad Napier will be installed as Pastor of Vansant Presbyterian Church on

Sunday, November 12, 2017, at 3:00 pm. This will be a service of Abingdon Presbytery, as

well as a gathering of Cluster 1 of Abingdon Presbytery. Everyone is welcome to share in this

worship service and the seating of a Presbyterian Minister of Word and Sacrament as Pastor.

Pastor Napier will serve both Buchanan First and Vansant Presbyterian Churches. A dinner

will be served at the conclusion of the service.

There will be a Community Thanksgiving Service at Buchanan First on Sunday,

November 19, at 6:00 pm. This is a service sponsored by the Buchanan County Ministerial

Association. Various clergy will lead the service and the sermon will be preached by the

newest newest pastor in the community, the Rev. J. N. Howard, of the Grundy United

Methodist and Looney’s Chapel United Methodist Churches. Everyone is welcome to

participate in this worship service with our brothers and sisters in Christ from various

churches. There will be a reception hosted by the Presbyterian Women after the service.

Holy Comunion will be served on the first Wednesday of the month at Vansant

Presbyterian Church at 12:15 pm. The other Wednesdays of the month, the Sacrament will

be served at Buchanan First in the Sanctuary. The time is being changed from noon to 12:15

pm to allow for those who work to attend. All Christians are welcome to come to the table.

Church School is taught each Wednesday evening at Vansant Presbyterian for all

Presbyterians. Supper is served at 6:00 pm and the lesson begins at 6:30 for adults. The

curriculum used is The Present Word. Everyone is invited and welcome to enjoy the

fellowship and the instruction from God’s Word, taught by Pastor Brad Napier.


It’s time again for Operation Christmas Child! National Collection week is

November 13-20 and we hope everyone Buchanan First will again participate and provide

appropriate shoe box gifts for boys and girls around the world. Pre-printed boxes have been

ordered and should arrive soon. Items are requested for a boy or girl (or do one of each) for

ages 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14. Suggestions include toys (if toys use batteries, please include extra

batteries), and no war-related toys please, school supplies, hygiene items, mints, gum, t-shirts.

Please do not pack any candy or toothpaste. Bring your boxes and drop them off in the

sanctuary at any time.

The deadline for the December newsletter will be Tuesday. November 21. Please

note this is just before the Thanksgiving Holiday, and Charlotte would like to have all

information in before the holiday so I can get it completed and mailed by the end of

November. I am scheduled to work Thursday night at Kingsport, but will be out of town over

the holiday weekend and will return to the office on Tuesday morning to complete the

newsletter. Thank you, newsletter contacts, for your dedication in getting your church’s news

in on time.

Newsletter contact: Charlotte Varney

church phone/fax 935-2293; e-mail: bfpcgrundy@bvu.net; website: bfpcgrundy.org

to reach Pastor Brad: pastorbradbfpc@bvu.net;

phone 935-4714 (manse); 276-312-1433 (cell)

The Pastor’s Column...

“You will be enriched in every way for your great generosity, which will produce

thanksgiving to God through us; for the rendering of this ministry not only supplies the

needs of the saints but also overflows with many thanksgivings to God.” - II Corinthians


In the month of November, there are four days that I would like to draw your attention

to. The first is Sunday, November 12th. In the Presbyterian Church, there has traditionally

been an emphasis

on Stewardship, that is, being faithful stewards (managers) of what God has entrusted to you.

This includes our time, our talents and our treasures. At Buchanan First and at Vansant, both

congregations will, in our worship services, think about our lives as stewards of God’s many

gifts. Our worship time

will focus on our response to God’s blessings in our lives and our responsibilities as Christian


The second event is Sunday, November 19th. On that evening, Buchanan First will

host the Buchanan County Ministerial Association Churches for a Community Worship

Service at 6:00 pm in our sanctuary. The theme of that worship service will be giving thanks

to God and acknowledging God as the giver of all gifts. The Rev. J. N. Howard, the Pastor

of Grundy United Methodist Church will preach God’s Word on this topic.

The third event is Thursday, November 23rd, which is Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day was established as a national holiday by President Abraham Lincoln on

November 26, 1863. It is a day when we will gather with friends and family to recognize the

Almighty God’s blessings and generosity to us and to our nation. Prayers of thanksgiving will

be prayed to the Lord for his kindness and generosity.

Finally, Tuesday, November 28th, has been designated as “Giving Tuesday”, which

is a global giving movement fueled by social media, to kick off the “charitable season”. It grew

as a result of “Black Friday”, the start of the Christmas shopping season and “Cyber Monday”,

the on-line-buying Christmas shopping day, when so much retail activity takes place on-line.

With so much emphasis on shopping and buying, it was thought that a day be set aside with

an emphasis on charitable giving in local communities.

Now that these dates are before you, I would ask that you begin to think of your own

stewardship, your thinking about the time, talents and treasures that have been entrusted to

you. I would ask you to think about gratitude, generosity and how you live in thanksgiving

to God. We live in both a world of scarcity and a world of abundance. We constantly have

choices before us in how we live and how we spend our resources. I will be asking the church

to reflect on these things in the coming days. These may be difficult or uncomfortable topics

to ponder, but they are Biblical and necessary themes to engage in your own spirituality and

growth in faith. I am going to encourage you to share. I am going to encourage you to be

generous. I am going to encourage you to simplify your life and look for things that are really

significant. I am going to encourage you to look around and see the needs that are in our

community. Finally, I’m going to encourage you to give thanks to the Lord God for his grace,

love, and salvation to us in Jesus Christ.

All of these things call for a response on our part. I certainly will be pondering this in

my own life as well. As you know, the church needs your gifts, as do other organizations

locally and beyond. I look forward to this exploration and this topic; it is one of my favorite

themes as a follower of Jesus Christ. I invite your participation and your engagement as we

grow in our faith and our thanksgiving.


Pastor Brad Napier


Let your mighty outstretched arm, O Lord God, be our defense; your mercy and lovingkindness

in Jesus Christ, your dear Son, our salvation; your true word our instruction; the grace of

your life-giving Spirit our comfort and consolation, to the end and in the end; through the same Jesus

Christ our Lord. AMEN.

-The Rev. John Knox, Scottish Theologian, Minister, Reformer 1513-1672

Founder of the Presbyterian Church in Scotland

Presbyterian Smile...

A pastor in a small Presbyterian Church in Iowa visited an older member she had not

seen in worship recently. “Why do we not see you in church more often?’ The church

member cheerfully answered, “Well, I have a little trouble hearing. And the agnostics in our

church are terrible!”

-Elder Marj Carpenter

Capital Campaign Update....

Progress is being made toward our capital campaign goal of $100,000. We are over

half-way toward the goal! We need $18,675 to reach Phase 1 completion. This project will

be for the construction of a new ramp, front porch and steps. The ramp will be wider, covered,

and lit. The porch will be expanded and will provide better cover and protection for the front

doors. The porch will cover the entire width of the front of the church, allowing more space

for fellowship and gathering. A front rail will be included. Lights will be installed on the roof

of the porch, illuminating the front of the building. The church will be newly landscaped.

Thanks to those who have so generously given to this project. Gifts may be mailed to the

church (address: PO Box 1339, Grundy, VA 24614). If you have questions, please speak to

Pastor Napier or to Elder Jeff Matney, Chair of the Capital Committee.

We will again be purchasing poinsettias to be placed in the sanctuary on December

17 and 24. Anyone wishing to purchase a poinsettia should let the office know by Friday,

December 15. They will be $10.00 each. We hope that after the Christmas Eve Service on

December 24 that you will take your poinsettia home or take it to someone who needs cheering

up for the holiday season. Please earmark your check “poinsettia” and if you wish it in

memory or honor of anyone, please include that information, too.

Buchanan First extends heartfelt sympathies to the family of Mary Virginia Barnard

Lester who passed away on September 30, 2017 in Roanoke, VA. Ginny, as she was

affectionately known by her family and friends, was a former member of Buchanan First but

had resided in Roanoke for several years. Remember her family - children, grandchildren, and

siblings and extended family - in your prayers during this difficult time.

Sympathies are also extended to the family of Virgil Stacy, who passed away recently.

He was the brother-in-law of Phyllis Sumrall. Remember his family in your prayers.

Buchanan First welcomes Brenda Lester-Sprinkle who was received on her letter of

transfer from the Green Spring Presbyterian Church. Brenda has a long history with Buchanan

First; she is the daughter of the late J. C. and Vallie Lester and grew up here in the church. It

was her desire to return home to Grundy and place her membership here. Her address is PO

Box 235, Grundy, VA 24614. Her phone number is 276-619-1161.

We also welcome Michelle Lee Napier, daughter of Pastor Brad Napier, who has also

transferred her membership to Buchanan First from the First United Presbyterian Church in

Brownstown, IN.

Memorials and Honorariums

From Jim and Banna Bevins, a memorial to Mary Virginia Lester and Virgil Stacy.

From Rachel Porterfield, a memorial to Mary Virginia Lester.

From Raymond and Myrtle Charles, of Richmond, VA., a memorial to Mabel Charles

designated for the Entry way project.

Presbyterian Women News

In October, this group donated to Puerto Rico Disaster Relief and The connection in

Hurley. In November, items will be collected for the Domestic Violence Shelter and in

December for the Humane Society. Donations can be left in the Angel room. The annual

thank offering will be collected this fall; more information will be available soon

Upcoming dates for the Presbyterian Women to remember are as follows:

Wednesday, November 1 - Monthly PW Meeting - 11:30 am

Sunday, December 3 - Quarterly Fellowship Meal AND Hanging of the


Wednesday, December 6 - Monthly PW Meeting - 11:30 am

*The Quarterly Fellowship Meal on Sunday, December 3 will be soups, sandwiches,

salads, and sweets (bring your favorite to share!) Hostesses are LuAnne McClanahan and

Renee Shrader, co-chairs; Kaye Keen, Barbara Ann Keen, Cindy Matney, Jennifer Parish, Lois

Shanahan, and Brenda Lester-Sprinkle. After the meal, men, women and children of all ages

are needed to decorate our church for the joyous Holiday season.

Memorial gifts and honorariums received recently include the following:

From Barbara Sutherland, in memory of Charles Baker.

From Sandy Dailey, a memorial to Charles Baker.

From Jim and Banna Bevins, a memorial to Dorsey Smith, Mary Virginia Lester

and Virgil Stacy

From Raymond and Myrtle Charles, Richmond, VA, for the Entry Way Project,

and in memory of Mabel Charles


November 5 - Jim Bevins November 13 - Beth Bevins

7 - Noah Hamrick 15 - Dave Shanahan

7 - Tom Holland 18 - Beth Bradshaw

9 - Sue McClanahan 22 - Ron Cole

10 - Ethel Hale 22 - Peggy K. Hill

11 - Kate Wheawill 29 -Tiffany Myers

12 - Stephanie Wheawill 30 - Frances Belcher

November 30 -Kaye Keen


November 4 - Ben and Allison Street



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